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Environmental Stewardship

Each Agri Star retailer member has a major stake in the in the community in which they operate. And many members are growers themselves. We share the commitment of our members to act as stewards of the lands we farm - to keep them safe from environmental damage and to ensure their sustainability for future generations.

Crop Protection

Agri Star’s guidelines for crop protection are advised by the Crop Life Canada’s guidelines:

  • A growing global population constantly challenges the limits of food production. Crop protection products are a means towards meeting the challenge of more food, less land.
  • Despite the use of modern crop protection products, 20-40% of potential food production is still lost every year to pests. These include 30,000 species of weeds, 3,000 species of nematodes and 10,000 species of plant-eating insects. An adequate, reliable food supply cannot be guaranteed without the use of crop protection products.
  • It is important to ensure the safety of pesticides for users, consumers, and the environment.
    Agri Star supports the regulatory framework whereby product registrations are based upon comprehensive safety assessments and defined product uses.
  • While crop protection product regulations are carefully considered prior to commercial sale, we support the lifecycle approach to pesticide management which calls for manufacturers to extend their safety considerations through the entire lifespan of the product. This commitment is referred to as “product stewardship.”
  • Safety considerations pertaining directly to product use should include education and training programs.
  • We support efforts to ensure that end-users are aware of the potential hazards of handling some crop protection products as well as the development of new practices that will enhance safety, increase productivity and save on input costs.